Ninth, tenth, and eleventh piece of the Sasha Kaidanovsky Drive suit Armour: knee cap, and lower legs.

Started sculpt to finished sculpt.

After a failed plaster bandage leg casting. (seriously, plaster bandage hates me!) with much frustration, we tried a duct tape dummy again. the previous duct tape forms we’d made, all had been packed down, transported and then re-stuffed… This time once it was off our model, it was taped up there and then, taken out side and hard foam poured in! - the results were not brilliant, as the glad-wrap underneath the tape (as i’d hoped to be able to de-tape the foam at the end) was a bad idea! the glad wrap shrunk from the heat of the foam and de-formed bits…. but it was still ok enough for me to sculpt on - however i didn’t de-tape in the end.

so after scribbling all over the duct tape form, measuring Lillykitten up again to double check everything. I could start sculpting again!

First was the knee-cap. this i’d planed on sculpting on a flat board separate, until studying the reference pictures. it curved around the knee. so this was the first part to be sculpted on the new form.

Next was the lower legs. remember what i said about the glad wrap in the duct tape form? well one leg failed to cast bellow the knee… so i was left with only one calf to sculpt off. (but thankfully still have both thighs for the mirrored thigh armour.)

I separated the good lower leg from the form to make it easier for me to sculpt, and split it front to back, so i had an ‘inner’ and an ‘outer’ of the leg form, that could now be laid flat on a board, could be easily compared, and wasn’t going to crush one side when i rolled it over.

All sculpted was completed in Monster clay, over a duct tape form, filled with hard foam.